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There Is No Doubt That Creativity Is The Most Important Human Resource Of AllOne Of The Paradoxes Of CreativityLogic Will Take You From A To B, Imagination Will Take You AnywhereWe Don't Know Where We Get Our Ideas FromWhen You Have Exhausted All The PossibiltiesCreativity Is Piercing The MundaneThere Is Nothing To WritingNecessity Is The Mother Of InventionYou Can't Use Up CreativityInnovation Is Creativity With A Job To DoEveryone Who's Ever Taken A Shower Has Had An IdeaAn Idea That Is Developed And Put Into ActionAll Human Development Must Be Outside The RulesA Hunch Is Creativity Trying To Tell You SomethingCreative Minds Have Always Been Known To SurviveAnxiety Is The Handmaiden Of CreativityDaring Ideas Are Like Chessmen Moved ForwardAll Great Deeds And All Great ThoughtsThe Creative Person Is Willing To Live With AmbiguityIntelligence Looks For What Is Known To Solve ProblemsCreativity Is Inventing, Experimenting, GrowingThe Attempt To Avoid FailureTo Live A Creative LifeThere Is Nothing That Will Cripple Creative Power QuickerThe Road To Creativity Passes So Close To The MadhouseCreativity Is The Residue Of Time WastedAnyone Can Make The Simple ComplicatedThe Worst Enemy To CreativityCreativity Is The Result Of A Struggle Between Vitality And FormLearning To Do Something With A Different PerspectiveAll Truly Great ThoughtsInspiration Exists But It Has To Find You WorkingFrom 30,000 Feet, Creating Looks Like ArtWhen You Ask Creative PeopleThere's No Correlation Between Creativity And EquipmentDesign Isn't ArtDelay Always Breeds DangerThere's A Way To Do It BetterCreativity Comes From TrustA Creative Man Is Motivated By The Desire To AchieveCreativity is Just Connecting ThingsWe Are What We Repeatedly DoClean Out A Corner Of Your MindCreativity Is A DrugPerspiration In The Creative WorldCreativity Isn't About Wild Talent As Much As It's About ProductivityThe Chasm Between Vision And ExpressionThe Creative ThinkerThe Uncreative MindEverybody Is CreativeStillness Is Where Creativity Is FoundMore Beautifully Designed Than A TreeImagination Rules The WorldThe Chief Enemy of CreativityCreativity Without Strategy Is Called ArtFailure Is Built Into CreativityThe Passion For DiscoveryDesign Is Simply An Interpretation Of CreativityCreativity Involves Breaking OutGenuine Creativity Isn't About IdeasIdeas Are The SeedsTo Get A Great IdeaIf You Want Creative WorkersCreativity Starts When You Cut A Zero From Your BudgetCreativity Is Allowing Yourself To Make MistakesCreativity Is The Sudden Cessation Of StupidityThe Essential Part Of CreativityThe Secret To CreativityYou Can’t Wait For InspirationHave Enough Ideas For Some of Them To Be WrongCreativity Is Thinking Up New ThingsInspiration, Motivation, And A Pinch Of Creativity